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5 Different Types of Blinds for Your Windows

Shutters and Blinds in Canada

From the last few years in Canada, window blinds and shutters have become homeowners’ most trendy window dressings. One of the main reasons behind this is that it gives your home great versatility. In terms of utility, they stand on the expectations of the house owners.

Today everyone wants to give a versatile and sophisticated look to their home, and now they don’t need to worry about it. Nowadays, many blinds and shutters are available in the market. They have come in various colours, designs, and patterns. You can choose custom blinds and shutters too.

Here we are going to tell you about the most popular Shutters and Blinds in Canada. These shutters and blinds are now becoming the first choice of Canadian people.


California shutters are always in the 1st position in terms of popularity. This shutter is always in heavy demand because of its features and benefits that make it worthy. It has excellent features like privacy, light control, air flow, convenience, less maintenance, protection from dust, and many more.

These shutters also provide energy-saving benefits; protecting homes naturally while reducing heat indoors gives your mind great relaxation. You can control the amount of sunlight that enters the house and keep your furniture and accessories shaded from the sunlight. It comes with various custom designs and patterns. They look so beautiful from the house’s interior and exterior.

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These blinds have alternating stripes material, translucent stripes material, and solid materials. They can glide between each other, enhancing the look of your house. These blinds give you so much fine control over lighting and privacy.

This blind is also known as Dual shade, Alternative shade, Transitional shade, Alternating blind, Ambio, Prestige, and Cascade shades. Zebra blinds offer a mixture of efficiency, finesse, and style while being modern and practical at the same time.

They give you optimal and precise light filtering control. They have also come with the Motorized feature.

Zebra blinds require less maintenance, control outside dust and moisture, and are easy to clean. They have come in a variety of appealing colours and designs. These blinds are robust, easy to install, cost-effective, and lightweight.

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Honeycomb blinds are also known as Cellular Blinds. For the last few years, Honeycomb blinds have become popular in Canada. One of the main reasons behind this, it helps block out the outside temperature and is also good at noise cancellation.

These blinds trap air between the window and the room, buffering against heat dissipation in the winter and warmth gain in the summer.

Because of the multiple layers, the opacity of honeycomb window blinds is high, which prevents outsiders from looking at what’s happening inside the room. So, honeycomb window shutters are best for privacy, along with interior decor. They are also highly economically friendly windows.


Nowadays, everything is becoming smarter, including homes too. Motorized shades are one example of technological advancement. These shades help so much in terms of convenience and flexibility. They have become the first choice of new-age house owners.

These blinds can be operated through various devices, including a remote, your phone, or a stick. The best part of motorized blinds is that they are custom-made, and you can customize them per your needs and requirements. There is no need to mess with the cords and focus on maintaining the right angles to make them work perfectly. It makes them one of the safest window treatment options for kids and pets.

Motorized blinds automatically control the blinds throughout the day, making it seem like someone is at home. Motorized window blinds deter potential thieves more than any other window covering, especially with an automated smart home lighting system.

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One of the popular reasons to install roller blinds in your house is that they are highly customizable. You can ultimately select one per your needs and preferences. These blinds are controlled by pulling strings tied to the frame.

The bottom of the blind is to wrap or unwrap the container, which opens or closes the blind. Roller blinds are your protective shield when you aren’t used to a lot of light and noise.

They are easy to operate. All you need to do is pull a string attached to the roller window shutter to open or close the blinds. The other advantage of roller blinds is that they do not need high maintenance, and you can easily clean these blinds using a single feather brush.

They are pocket-friendly and durable. These blinds are designed modernly; that’s why they all fit perfectly with all types of home decor.

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