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History of California Shutters | where it all began

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Today California shutters provide many benefits. From privacy, security, eco-friendly, ventilation, and maintenance, but where did it all start?

From Italy to New England, California shutters have been frequently used as a standard fixture on historical buildings. Though today shutters are universal, the origin of where it all began dates back to England and Italy. Since generation after generation, people have been using wood shutters to now more sustainable materials for their durability, style, and easy maintenance.

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Historical building with California Shutters

Unsure, many believe that shutters first began in Greece, made out of marble, and later spread throughout the Mediterranean, changing to wood. This change enabled for more production to ensure light control, ventilation, and protection from tropical environments.

Believe it or not, shutters have been around far before glass! Glass was used in the Elizabethan era (1558-1603); however, shutters have been dated back far earlier. The glass was a luxury and was relatively hard to get a hold off. For these reasons, people would use wood.

Shutters in medieval Europe also doubled as security. With a solid iron bar placed behind the shutters, security shutters were used for protection against any possible attacks.

Throughout the many eras, shutters have passed the true test of time. With the product evolving alongside technology and architecture, there exists an obvious popularity that attracts people regardless of generation and location.

As time progressed, the shutters changed their function from strictly purpose to decorative too. In the 16th century, shutters began to have moldings of the woodwork to establish decorative pieces. What we see today in homes are shutters that are both decorative and ergonomic.

With the range of window shutters expanding enormously alongside technology and societal trends, window shutters are the go-to choice when designed an area. Sizes are now able to fit any space regardless of the shape of the window.

AVAShutters custom California Shutters
AVAShutters custom California Shutters

The reason why many choose AVAshutters over blinds and curtains are the flexible slats that allow airflow and ventilation. They are also easy to operate the amount of light and shade you want to enter into space.

In addition, the quality is sturdier, and cleaning up our California shutters is far simpler than blinds and curtains. With all these benefits, California shutters are versatile, too, and can be equally suited to both traditional and modern homes, customized to any style you desire.

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California Shutters are very important, and though you may think that it is a small extra piece that is not necessary to a house, it can make a great impact on the appearance of your home, it is a feature that can easily be added, and it gives you the most bang for your buck.

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