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Features & Advantages of Roller Blinds

Turn your home aesthetics with our incredibly stylish custom-made roller blinds in Canada.

Variety of Styles

You'll be gratified for choice with our range of roller blind styles, available in different colours, fabrics, and light filtering options.

Privacy Control

Roller blinds allow for ultimate control regarding light and privacy, as the shade controls make it easy to use.

Motorized Operation

You can schedule your blinds to go up or down in a specific time of the day. They also work with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri.


Our roller blinds are one of the most robust blind options on the market, as the rigorously tested systems ensure blinds can be used frequently without fear of wearing out the chains.

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We take great pride in our customer service, not just in finding the perfect fit for your windows but also in our after-sales to installation.

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Wide range of options available

You can choose from a huge range of fabric textures and colours from  the best window blinds Manufacturer in Canada.

Sheer Roller Blinds and Blackout Roller Blinds

You can choose between Sheer Roller Blinds and Blackout Roller Blinds. Both can improve your space’s overall look while providing maximum shade and privacy.

Our blinds are specially designed for Canada

Fabrics are designed specifically for Canada’s intense summer and winter, and damaging ultra-violet light, making your roller blinds excessively long-lasting and durable.

They are easy to operate

Our roller blinds are easy to operate. You can lower or raise them using a simple chain that hangs unobtrusively next to the blind. There’s even an alternative to motorize the blinds. This means you can operate the blinds using a remote control.

Roller blinds are excellent for privacy concerns

Since they provide maximum privacy, roller blinds in Toronto have become popular among homeowners. They allow complete blackout, and light filtering all rolled into one.

They are energy efficient

Roller blinds reduce energy usage by controlling the heat and sunlight entering your home. They keep your home cool during summer by reflecting the harsh sun’s heat but allow it to enjoy natural warmth and light during winter.

We are known for offering durable products

Our roller blinds are known for their durability since they are usually sturdily built with steel tubes and premium quality fabrics. Our blinds also maintain top-tier operating systems that never get old.

They required low maintenance

Roller blinds are very easy to clean and maintain. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean accumulated dust, while a damp cloth is enough for minor stains.

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Our Motorized blinds are compatible with

Amazon Alexa

Our range of blinds certainly works with Amazon Alexa. You can connect them with Amazon Alexa and control them as required.

Google Home

If you have Google Home, we have a solution for you. You can pair your window coverings to Google Home and control them with your phone, tablet or PC.

Your Smartphone

You can set up our range of window blinds with your smartphone. Our blinds function across all smart devices.

Customize options are available

We manufacture roller blinds in Toronto, which means we’ll be able to customize the right fit, colour and material to suit your decor. All of our blinds are custom-made to fit correctly inside-mounted windows.

condo blinds

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Share your home plans with us! We would love to help design your window furnishings.

We offer free installation

As installing window blinds couldn’t be easier, the experts at AVA Window Fashions can help you fit and install the perfect California shutters for your home. For all weather conditions throughout the year.

Roller blinds

Free In Home Consultation

When selecting the style of your roller blinds in Canada, our consultant will help you to decide the best alternative to suit your home and lifestyle.



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Roller Blinds: Modern Elegance for Every Window
Unveiling the Charm of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds, a sleek and functional window treatment, have become a favorite in contemporary homes. Known for their simplicity and elegance, roller blinds, also referred to as roller shades for windows, offer a practical yet stylish solution for managing light and privacy. Let’s delve into what makes roller blinds a must-have and explore their cost, including a comparison with the popular zebra blinds.

What Are Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds are window coverings that unroll to cover your window, providing a clean and minimalist look. They are perfect for:

Enhancing modern and minimalist interiors.
Providing efficient light control and privacy.
Being an easy-to-operate solution for all window types.
Varieties of Roller Blinds

Standard Roller Blinds: Ideal for a straightforward, functional look.
Blackout Roller Blinds: Perfect for bedrooms and media rooms where complete darkness is desired.
Decorative Roller Blinds: Feature patterns or designs for an added aesthetic touch.
Benefits of Installing Roller Blinds

Space-Saving Design: Their sleek profile is ideal for smaller rooms or areas where you don’t want bulky window treatments.
Versatility: Suitable for various rooms and window types.
Ease of Maintenance: Generally easy to clean and maintain.
Wide Range of Options: Available in various colors, textures, and fabrics to suit any décor.
Understanding Roller Blinds Cost

The cost of roller blinds can vary depending on several factors:

Material Quality: Higher quality materials may increase the price but offer better durability and appearance.
Customization: Custom sizes or special features can impact the overall cost.
Mechanism Type: Options like motorized roller blinds will be priced higher than manual ones.
Roller Blinds Price vs. Zebra Blinds Cost

Economical Roller Blinds: Affordable options for those on a budget.
Premium Roller Blinds: Higher-end models with additional features or finer materials.
Zebra Blinds: Known for their dual-layer design, zebra blinds may carry a different price range, often being slightly higher due to their unique functionality.
Making a Smart Choice with Ava Shutters

At Ava Shutters, we guide you through choosing the perfect roller blinds for your windows:

Consultation and Selection: We help assess your needs and show you a range of roller blinds that fit your style and budget.
Customization: Tailoring solutions to your specific window sizes and design preferences.
Installation and Support: Providing professional installation and post-purchase support to ensure your satisfaction.
Why Ava Shutters for Your Roller Blinds?

Diverse Range: From simple roller shades to luxurious designs.
Transparent Pricing: Offering clear information on roller blinds cost and zebra blinds cost.
Expertise in Window Treatments: Years of experience in delivering quality window solutions.
Dedicated Customer Care: Committed to ensuring a smooth and satisfying purchase experience.
Roller blinds are a versatile, stylish, and practical choice for modern homes. Whether you’re looking for roller blinds for windows or seeking to compare roller blinds cost and zebra blinds cost, Ava Shutters is here to provide you with quality options and expert guidance.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you just need to screw (or drill) a couple of mounting brackets to the window edge or surrounding wall, clip in the blind and secure the chain.

You should measure horizontally from one end to another end of the windows and measure at the top of the window edge where the blind is to install.

Yes, if you want a clean and quiet option for glass sliding doors, roller blinds are an excellent choice. They may be rolled down for complete privacy and placed into the recess of your entrance.

Roller blinds are suitable for many spaces around the home (or office). Their ease of installation, use and care, durability, and capability to control light and temperature make them great all-rounders!

Yes, Roller blinds can be motorized. Our motorized Roller blinds work with Google Home, Amazon Alex, Apple siri and any smartphone.

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