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California Shutters | The most Energy-saving part of your home

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Did you know that California Shutters can be the most energy-saving part of your home?

We are all becoming more aware of the impact our decisions have on the earth, and, as a result, we are constantly interested in finding environmentally friendly options that we can quickly adapt to an eco-friendly home. If you’re hunting for eco-friendly suggestions for home improvement, here’s one that will delight you.

There are so many tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint by making simple and easy changes to your house. It is thus more straightforward than ever to support green living and to take steps in becoming an eco-warrior.

Instead, did you know that California window shutters have a range of environmental benefits? Read on to find out some of the aspects in which California shutters can be part of your eco-home renovation.

1. California Shutters keep the heat in during colder months

Since windows are one of the fastest ways to escape the heat from your house, its no-brainer that smart insulation of your glass panes can reduce gas and energy bills down. California shutters are customized to the exacting accuracy of fitting every window with our beautifully crafted shutters that reduce heat loss and make your home more energy-efficient.

Proven to work in a similar way to double-glazing, California shutters tend to prevent any draughts of moisture in your room, while the ability to adjust the slats ensures that you don’t have to rely on less light.

Also, the coverage you can achieve with full-height shutters allows them a fantastic eco-friendly solution as well as a fashionable addition to any space. Solid panel shutters are a strong choice for maximum insulation.

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2. California Shutters cool a room down during summer

California Shutters cool a room down during summer

When the mercury increases in the warmer months of the year, California shutters can also help to keep the temperature down. Tilting the slats during the day will filter direct sunlight into space, while still enabling fresh air to flow through each slat. California Shutters are excellent for summer months as they provide plenty of airing in humid conditions.

Tier-on-tier shutters are a stylish alternative to blinds. Their lightweight nature means that you can control the temperature of your home without the need for expensive air conditioning or electric fans. Thus, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save some money on your bills. Open the upper slats for natural light while the lower slats remain closed to maintain the air warmer.

3. California Shutters are perfect for low-maintenance living

The low maintenance value of shutters is another eco-friendly plus. While other window covers, such as curtains or Roman blinds, need extensive cleaning to remove dust, debris, and heavy odors, the commitment needed to maintain the consistency of the California shutters is limited.

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Fast dust once a week to keep them healthy and extract debris is all that is required, which ensures that less energy is used when washing.

The sensitive quality of the silk curtains and blinds often contributes to high maintenance and costly repairs from sun exposure fading. Shutters, however, are much more robust, and, with our California shutters, the shutters will be coated with UV-protective paint/stain to guarantee their durability to last the true test of time.

Not only our shutters have a sleek and elegant design, but they are also an incredible way of keeping energy bills low, whilst having an eco-friendly home that decreases your carbon footprint. Get a quote and continue your California shutter journey with Ava shutters today.

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