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How to make your house more energy friendly?

California Shutters

Winter Is Here! Save Up And Keep Warm With California Window Shutters!

Living in Canada, and just entering the winter months, everyone is looking for tips on how to keep warm and save a few bucks. With the temperatures constantly dipping below zero and the winter months lasting 5-6 months, investing in shutters can seem like a total jackpot, and here’s why:

Though thermostats are working hard to keep our houses warm, we all know how costly this can be! Adding extra insulations in the walls too seems like a great idea, but did you know most of the wind and coolness comes from poorly insulated windows?

California Shutters are the best energy-efficient way to keep your house warm this winter!

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Let’s compare:

With most houses in Canada being 10+ years old, a lot of heat can be lost through windows. Even with newly installed windows, though they perform far better than they did decades ago, they still need a little assistant when it comes to keeping the heat inside.

Most window treatments such as blinds, shades, and drapes allow for air to pass through the sides or under them, even when they are funny closed. Also, their lightweight material does not ensure much coverage leaving your house with drafty winds and expensive heating bills.

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What’s The solution?

EASY— California window shutters!

By just closing your window shutters, you can permit the cold air from entering your home and leave all the heat that the furnace tries so hard to create in. By keeping the slats of your shutter closed, you can prevent heat within the house for longer, without it escaping.

Though windows are essential too and having poorly insulated windows can cause cold air to enter your homes, adding shutters adds a layer of help to trap the heat while staying cost-efficient.

Though it is winter right now, and you may be thinking to yourself, oh it’s just a couple months, why waste the money? It is important to note that window shutters are beneficial both in the winter and in the summer.

The same way today, your window shutters will be aiding the heater inside the house, tomorrow it can help keep all the heat outside and remain the cold air inside. Investing in window shutter is a good blocker from the blazing heat of summer, and freezing temperatures of the winter.

As you can see, one factor remains the absolute same whether it is winter or summer: California Shutters are a must! With an average of 15% to 35% of heat loss during wintertime being attributed to windows, imagine all the money that can be saved.

AVAshutters produce 100% PVC California shutters with Aluminum reinforcement with LIFETIME warranty, so it’s a ONE TIME PAY, LIFETIME USE.

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