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Transform your home today with our incredibly stylish custom-made California Shutters.

We have experience manufacturing custom commercial window treatments and installation with customer service as our primary focus.

Design Consultation

Our experts at AVA Window Fashions will gladly provide you with a free consultation to ensure your design goals are understood.

Find your perfect fit

With our extensive range of colours, fabrics and customization options, you will find the right fit for your home.

Privacy and light control

Our quality office blinds let in plenty of natural light and airflow and offer excellent privacy day and night.

Limited 5-Year Warranty

We provide a comprehensive 5 Year Warranty on our office blinds range, giving you peace of mind that your installation will last long.

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We take great pride in our customer service, not just in finding the perfect fit for your windows but also in our after-sales to installation.

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Best Office Blinds In Canada

We offer a variety of office blinds in Canada that are conducive to creating a comfortable and productive office space.

They have a light control feature

Our office blinds are classic window treatment options that work well to let in natural light but also have slats that can be tilted for optimum light control.

Zebra Blinds, Roller Blinds and Motorized Blinds for office windows

You can customize your own window blinds and have your offices look just the way you require. We also offer roller blinds, zebra, motorized blinds and California shutters for office windows in Canada.

office blinds

Creates an inviting and peaceful ambience

Our shutters are also fully customizable, so your panel sizes and configurations, opening directions, and split tilting can all be manufactured to meet your exact requirements.

They minimise screen glare

Direct sunlight may be a joy in the comfort of your home, but it can be disruptive in an office environment. That’s why our range of office blinds is installed to minimize screen glare so your employees can continue working efficiently.


Excellent at lowering office’s electrical bill

With office blinds installed, you can save money on your electricity bills. Our office blinds insulate the windows, preventing sun (therefore heat) from entering the room. As a result, the need for AC will reduce, saving you precious money.

They protect your furniture

Due to less sunlight entering the building, your office furniture will also be protected from fading and discoloration over time.


Customize your office blinds with ease

Our office window treatments are a popular choice with a variety of colors and styles to choose from. As installing window blinds isn’t an easy task, the experts at AVA Window Fashions will install your perfect office blinds free of charge.

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Our Motorized blinds are compatible with

Amazon Alexa

Our range of blinds certainly works with Amazon Alexa. You can connect them with Amazon Alexa and control them as required.

Google Home

If you have Google Home, we have a solution for you. You can pair your window coverings to Google Home and control them with your phone, tablet or PC.

Your Smartphone

You can set up our range of window blinds with your smartphone. Our blinds function across all smart devices.

Easy to maintain

Our range of office window blinds is easy to maintain and clean.
You just need a duster or a vacuum brush extension to remove debris from your office blinds every few weeks.


Quality products at competitive prices

By bringing production in-house, we can pass on the cost savings to our end users. We’re not providers of cheap window solutions but instead quality products at competitive prices.

We offer free installation

As installing window blinds couldn’t be easier, the experts at AVA Window Fashions can help you fit and install the perfect zebra blinds for your home. For all weather conditions throughout the year.


Renovating or building?

Share your home plans with us! We would love to help design your window furnishings.

We offer free installation

As installing window blinds couldn’t be easier, the experts at AVA Window Fashions can help you fit and install the perfect California shutters for your home. For all weather conditions throughout the year.



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Frequently asked questions

First, decide your requirements, then consider the best office blinds. Aesthetics and functionality are the major factors you should prioritize while selecting blinds for office space. Remember, offices should be smart and professional while also creating a relaxing atmosphere.

ABSOLUTELY! Remember, you need to be in a workplace environment for up to 12 hours a day and 5-7 days per week. So you must have quality window coverings that provide your employees with a safe and comfortable workspace.

We recommend you use a light feather duster to remove any dust build-up occasionally. If you need to clean some spots, use warm soapy water or mild detergent and wipe with a wet cloth.

Our custom-made office blinds are available in various colors, not just light ones, so you can have a whole collection of choices to suit your decor better.

Definitely, yes, office blinds can be motorized and give you smart functionality. It provides you with all the convenience and comfort of remote control and smart technology, as well as enhances the style of your window.

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