November 1, 2019 in California Shutters

Why Are California Shutters The Best? Five Reasons You Might Not Know

California shutters

1. Privacy

No matter where you live, everyone appreciates privacy. With the California shutter, you can control when you choose to have absolute privacy, and when you’d like to get the beautiful outside view Canada has to offer.

Not to mention, creating a balance between privacy and openness can be achieved simply by rearranging the angle of the slats on your window shutter.

2. Durability

With our custom-made California Shutters, fit just for your home, there will be many years of usage alongside our warranty before you have to replace your window shutters. Not to mention our finest craftsmanship plays in with the classic design of the California shutters keeping them in style and up to date. This ensures a one-time payment, for a long time.

3. Maintenance

High-maintenance products can be a pain. Though they might be valuable, the amount of time it takes to take care of them can take away from the product. However, The design of our California shutter slats ensures minimum maintenance with wide enough space for cleaning!

All that is needed is a damp cloth and in under minutes, all the dust and grime will be removed from your window shutter.

4. Energy- Efficiency

California Shutters in a bathroom

With Canada’s chilly winters and tropical summers, California shutter provides maximum insulation from both kinds of weather. Both from the cold and heat, California shutters provide unbelievable insulation.

California shutters help keep the heat of the sun out when necessary and provide an extra layer of insulation during the winter months. By simply opening or closing the slats when you please, you can decide how much insulation you want for your space.

With the added bonus of your house looking stylish and well-insulated, these Californian shutters will ensure the reduction of electricity bills.

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5. Versatile

California Shutter

With our amazing and diverse range of California Shutters, almost every room in the house can have its own unique design. By simply using our high-quality custom California shutters, a room can be transformed in its space and usage.

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From washrooms, bedrooms, nurseries, and kitchens, any space with a window can be changed to fit your needs.

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