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Mix & Match Your Window Treatments 101

mix match your window treatments-101

Consistency is vital when it comes to beautiful interior design. However, there is no set rule on what you should do when it comes to designing a place with multiple windows.

All windows in a house don’t necessarily have to match, and it’s always great to know your options, and what you can do instead, while still keeping your house chic, classy, and up to date.

From using different treatments on different windows in the same room, to different colors to enhance cohesion and curb appeal, everything you need to know to help you mix and match your window treatments will be right here.

With no specific rules on what you should do, when it comes to window treatments all that matters is you and what you want for your room to feel the way you want it too

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1. Layering treatments:

When it comes to enhancing an area with big large windows, layering two treatments can give your walls texture and a unique look.

For example, if you wanted a permanent custom-made window treatment, you can use plantation shutters alongside a curtain maintaining both the durability that the Plantation Shutter offers with the added touch of a decorative curtain, that you can change depending on the season, and look you want to go for.

Here is an example of layering treatments that Ava Window Fashions has done for a homeowner looking to change up their newly renovated area.

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2. Different window treatments only for different rooms

To promote cohesion throughout the house, it’s always best to keep windows in the same room with the same type of treatment. Thus if you decide to place plantation shutters in your master room washroom, continue to do so throughout the entire washroom.

This will allow cohesion and will keep your house looking consistent and chic. Though having different styles is unique, when it is a specific room in the house, it’s always best to keep those treatments similar. However, this does not mean that you must use the same shutter all throughout your home.

From curtains to Plantation Shutters, roman blind, and anything else that you may want for each room, Ava window Fashion can help you for a free consultation and quote whenever you’re ready!

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window treatments
window treatments

3. Contrast colors:

When it comes to creating a beautiful space, it’s always important to stick to a color palette. Now, this doesn’t mean everything has to be the same color. Instead, everything should go well together, including furniture, rugs, lamps, pillows, etc.

By keeping it consistent with a theme in each room or throughout the house, depending on your taste, you are able to create consistency throughout any space while adding a pop of color With many color generators on the web, and our consultant here at Ava Window Fashion, you can pick out the perfect theme for a room, and mix and match colors with your window coverings. From different color blinds with different styles, any look is achievable.

Contrast colors
Contrast colors

4. Importance of Fabric.

When it comes to mixing and matching window treatments, a simple way to make sure everything flows perfectly together is to keep the same or similar fabric throughout the room. Unless you decide to go for shutters and curtains, for instance, it won’t make a difference in the fabric of the curtain.

However, if you choose to go for blinds, by using different patterns, colors, and even styles (Romans, zebra, etc.), the most important thing to do is to keep one fabric type. For instance, if you go for linen, it is best to stay with that throughout the room when it comes to the window coverings, as this will keep the look of the space consistent. Unlike colors where you can mix and match, when it comes to fabric, it is safer to pick one fabric type to ensure everything looks good together. One great hack is to use roman shades, and curtains together. By doing so, you can achieve a timeless and soft look.

window treatments
window treatments

5. Layering Light

A popular treatment that individuals go for is using blackout shade with a light drapery panel of your choice. This is a modern take on mixing and matching of window treatments that creates a beautiful and unique finished look. By going for this look, you are able to both control light and privacy in a room, while personalizing your window treatments to look trendy and classy.

A proper Window Treatment adds style and value to a home, but an excellent window treatment that is offered here at Ava Window Fashion will become a part of your home’s architecture. When it comes to figuring out what you want for your space, it can be hard, however; it is not necessary that you must stick to one treatment.

These upscale ideas may cost more upfront, but they increase your home’s value in the long run! In addition, features such as blinds will help you save up on electricity bills too! Remember always to trust your instincts and remember that these tips are no rules, and ultimately the window treatment is meant to treat light, noise, and temperature.

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