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How to install Window Blinds Without Drilling?

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Window blinds are a crucial feature of every home as these are very useful to block the bright sunlight and prevent dust from outside. People use blinds to get privacy and prevent people from seeing in your house. Along with homes, Window blinds are becoming popular in offices or commercial places.

Window blinds, specifically blackout blinds, are challenging to install without the help of window blind installers.

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But if you can not afford or do not find any window blind installer near your house or office, don’t worry; you can do it on your own as it doesn’t include any rocket science. This blog will help you in installing the window blinds without even drilling.

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Steps to install window blinds without drilling:

Follow these two simple steps to install window blinds without any drilling machine or screw, or nuts.

Step 1 – While purchasing the blinds, make sure the blinds are not screwed blinds. These no screw blinds can be fitted in just two whole along with your curtains and are helpful to provide the instant privacy you desire without the headache of DIY or booking blind installers.

Step 2 – Once you have the instant or no screw blinds installing is quite simple. All you need to do is tear the paper to fit the blind on your window, peel the sticky strip from the blind role and stick them securely on the window by pressing firmly. Paste the blinds correctly.

Do not check instantly by pulling the window blind harshly, and you can check it when the glue has dried properly.

It’s as simple as that! With blinds that stick on instantly, it’s easy enough to put up blinds and give a little privacy in your home or offices with no drilling.

Some Other Methods install window blinds without drilling

Use Magnet to hang window blinds.

window blinds
window blinds
If you live on rent, I understand that you are not even allowed to make one single hole in the wall. You can also use the magnet technique to fit the window blinds on the wall for this situation. To use this technique, you should have a magnetic window frame. Because the shades hung directly to the window frames, no additional glue or sticky-back hanging is required.

Hang window blinds using Command Hooks


Hang window blinds

Command hooks are also a valuable way to hang no-hole curtain rods. All you need to do is put a hook on both sides of your window to make loops. Once you have fixed the coils, you can hang the blinds on these loops. Super easy.

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So, with these two easy and simple steps, you can now install the window blinds easily on your own without the help of installers. The instant blinders are a great choice when you live in a rented house where you need to take permission to drill any of the walls.

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