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Plantation Shutters Vs. California Shutters

Window coverings are an essential part of home decoration as you will get privacy and decorative home decor. There are several ways to cover the windows, but the most effective one is shutter and blinds. Window shutters are a long-term investment that may be used both inside and outside your houses or offices because of their versatility, durability, and low maintenance.

There is a huge variety of blinds and shutters available in the market. Today we will discuss the Plantation shutter and California shutters as many people think that they both are the same. Yes, they look similar, but there is a difference between the plantation shutters and California shutters.

The History Behind Plantation Shutters and California Shutters

Plantation Shutters – These shutters were first brought to the United States in the 18th century when they quickly gained popularity among southern plantation manors. The southern mansions were known for their elegance and grandeur, which was a trademark of their style.

California Shutters – During the mid-19th century, these shutters were popular in California, and minor adjustments were made to the original form, leading to the development of the California shutters.” As a result, many people in the area referred to these shutters as California shutters.

Plantation Shutters Vs. California Shutters

Width of Louver

The width is the most noticeable difference between California shutters and plantation shutters. The width of the California shutters is 1 or 1.5 inches smaller than the plantation shutters. Plantation shutters have louvers which are 3 ½” in width. Plantation shutters tend to need larger windows in order to appear proportioned.

California shutters and plantation shutters
The small width louver of the California Shutters makes them quicker to install and more aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to wide windows, plantation shutters are ideal because of their larger louver, which allows their particular design to shine through more clearly.

Installation Process

Additionally, the somewhat different louver widths may have a huge impact on how these Blinds will install in your house.

Suitable for different types of windows or doors

California shutters are better suited for:

  • Reduced size of window panes

  • Covering up the windows in the kitchen is a must.

  • Small windows in the bathroom

  • At a smaller, more compactly built house.

There are several ways that plantation shutters may be used.

  • Larger windows

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows or doors, protected from the elements.

  • Patio doors are those that open out to the backyard.

  • Designs that fit the larger shutters in classic or semi-traditional homes

Material Used in Plantation Shutters and California


Before the advent of composite wood and other synthetic materials, plantation shutters composed of a combination of wood and other materials were the only option available. On the other hand, traditional California shutters are still almost exclusively constructed of wood, owing to the widespread perception that wood has more character and, thus, is more visually attractive. This is why California shutters cost higher than plantation shutters.

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Benefits of Plantation Shutters and California Shutters

Both plantation shutters and California shutters provide the same kind of benefits as the purpose of making these window treatments is the same. Some of the benefits are:

  • If they are properly cared for, wooden window shutters are among the most long-lasting interior and exterior shutters on the market.

  • They increase the value of your property since they are long-lasting and simple to maintain, making them a desirable feature for potential purchasers.

  • Wooden louvers may be readily maintained by cleaning and dusting them regularly.

  • These window shutters help keep your house’s temperature steady by reducing heat leakage via the windows.

Which is better? Plantation Shutters Vs. California Shutters

Both Plantation and California shutters are the best choices. Choosing one depends on your needs and preferences and your house’s decoration theme. These blinds are also highly customizable so that people can customize these window treatments according to their needs.

The Customized Blinds are highly recommended over ready-made blinds as they give a perfect fit and look to your windows.

Cost of Plantation Shutters and California Shutters

California Shutter price and Plantation Shutter price are highly dependent upon the size of your window, the design you choose, and the material of the window blinds. In Canada, the cost of a Plantation shutter lies between $145 to $347 per window, depending and the price of California Shutter, Toronto lie between $15 per sq. ft to $50 per sq. ft.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between California and plantation shutters?

The major difference between California and plantation shutters is the size of the blinds. The width of the Plantation shutters is more than the California shutters. Other than that, the installation process is different for both the blinds.

How do California Shutters work?

California shutters are great for limiting light without impeding airflow to your space. These shutters come in a wide variety of materials, including wood, fake wood, and vinyl, and each material plays a different role in blocking the light and the airflow.

Do California shutters or Plantation Shutters add value to the home?

Plantation shutters, in general, increase the value of your home, making it easier for you to sell it. Plantation shutters may increase the value of a property in some circumstances, but not all the time.

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