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How to Install Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds are one of the most sought window coverings options today. Why? Striking the perfect balance between classic and contemporary, they're an ideal option for any interior with a long list of benefits. If you have already considered Zebra Blinds Canada and want to know how to install zebra blinds, this blog is for you.

Installing zebra blinds is much easier than most people think. To install them, you just need some instruments like a screwdriver, a drill, a tape measure and a pencil. It will take only a few minutes to do the job.

Take accurate measurement

Accurate measuring is essential if your blinds are to operate smoothly and effectively block sunlight. You'll need to know the width and length of the window or door frame and adjust your figures as directed below for proper fit and function.

To ensure a proper fit, use a tape measure to determine the depth of your inside window frame and check the blind's minimum depth requirement (listed in the product specifications).

Installation of blinds on the outside of the framing

To properly install your zebra blind outside the frame, simply use your drill and screws and the anchor brackets provided. Place the zebra canvas directly on the anchor supports in a flexible back-to-front gesture. The tensioners that bind the small chain of the blind must then be mounted in the framing.

When handling the canvas cassette, make sure your hands are clean. Also, ensure that the cassette is securely fastened in the anchor brackets before using it. Finally, pull the chain to unroll your zebra blind to the desired height.

Finally, place your blinds inside the frame

As with the exterior installation, begin by screwing the "L" brackets on the window frame or once on the wall, depending on the desired appearance. A measuring stripe or level will be required for installation on the wall to ensure that the anchor brackets are all the same height.

Finally, positioning the cassette at the supports requires gentle movement from back to front. By taking the same gestures as during the external installation, you simply have to screw into the framing of the tensioners that connect the blind to the chain.

Clean them after installation

When you have installed your zebra blinds, it would be good if you cleaned them. You can use a vacuum cleaner with attachments or a microfiber cloth to gently clean the window coverings. Wipe your blinds from top to bottom to remove the dust, then clean the remaining dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Always remember not to use bleach or harsh cleaner on your blinds; it might damage the blind material.

If you want to install high-quality zebra blinds in Canada to enhance the interior look of your home, get in touch with Ava Window Fashions. As leading manufacturers of zebra blind Canada, we offer one-stop window covering solutions.

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