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Different types of Blinds

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

When we are presented with a resourceful catalog of choices, our immediate impulse is to fall back upon something that we have known before or seen someone else using it. Blinds, as opposed to the traditional drapes, are comparatively new and some people still prefer obtaining the latter kind over the former. Nonetheless, window blinds have carved their ways into the mainstream and are being accepted with open arms to act as a wonderful accomplice for the contemporary and out-of-the-box décor of the apartments. In the following section, we will be jotting down the different types of window blinds and their utilities to remove the leftover discrepancies influencing your oscillating decisions.

Zebra blinds

Zebra Blinds

If you want to adorn your apartment or office with a subtle tinge of versatility then the zebra blinds will turn out to be your ultimate solution. They come in a stunning combination of sheer and solid sensuous fabric that contains the colors black and white arranged alternatively after one another and hence, the name zebra blinds. Furthermore, because they seamlessly amalgamate the darkest and the lightest shades, controlling the amount of light that enters the room or gets reflected will be a cakewalk. The best part about zebra blinds lies in the fact that they have a looping-feature which ensues an opaque and semi-opaque look by moving them the sheets up and down. All you have to do is adjust the blinds perfectly to get access to your desired levels of privacy and insulation to light that would complement your living room and bedroom. Let us also bring it to your notice that the zebra blinds are operated with a side chain that places the ball in your court and gives you the authority to decide how the blinds should look like.

3-D shades

3D Shades

Who would have imagined technology to advance so far that would one day legitimately even take over the blinds installed in our homes? Well, now that this is the reality, we might as well accept it. Even though the 3-D shades come with an incredibly fragile outlook, they are fashioned from tough polyester fabric that lets you see through its sheer texture into the outer world. The 3-D shades are the epitome of sophistication; they are delicate yet light-diffusing and their two-fold textures that can be bent for a superior kind of visual encounter is simply a cherry on the cake. Easy operation and elegant design kind of lends the exterior with the interior, something that every home-owner wants to achieve and then sought the privacy indoors by closing them when required.

Honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb Blinds

Remember how we were so obsessed with the design of honeycomb in our childhoods? Every time we're asked to submit a project that tests our level our creativity, we somehow managed to come up with the patterns of honeycomb to caste on our creations a sense of intrigue. If you look at the honeycomb carefully you will be able to notice how perfectly it intermixes symmetry with disciplined deviations from the same. Thereby, what if we told you that you can have the patterns of honeycomb in the blinds that you are planning to introduce in your apartment? The honeycomb blinds offer vitality sparing properties and are still accompanied by an array of adjustable choices. Their denomination springs from the shape of the window blinds that fundamentally acts as a protecting force to trap the air between the room and the window. When prevented from distributing itself, temperatures inside the room during summers and winters are regulated. In fact, two-fold honeycomb blinds offer premium fortification; their light shifting and light control qualities can exhibit an interesting palette of hues to automatically enhance the appeal of the room.

Roller blinds

Roller Blinds

Although roller blinds are commonly preferred in offices, if you have a spacious house or just an organized living room then, they can function just as ideally. You can have the blinds any way you like; they can be loaded with spring, adjusted with a chain mechanism or even motorized to rule out the additional effort required on your part. The truth that the blinds offer innumerable styles to choose from makes them even more popular. A common doubt that hovers over most people’s minds is the variant of the window that the roller blinds would best suit in; the good news is they can be coupled with all categories of windows including bay windows. The simple design and nifty colors on window blinds make your investment worthy and alter the appearance of the room for the better with minimum efforts. If you feel that the room you live or work in receives way too much heat during the summers, then the white roller blinds can assist you with extra heat blockage to spare you from the unpleasant glares.

Motorized blinds

Motorized Blinds

The motorized blinds are hands down the most stunning descendants of technology that has graced our homes. People who are an active part of the galloping hustle prefer operating the distinct appliances of their homes with a remote that adds flexibility and convenience to the process. Once these blinds are posited in their spots, you will only have to press a button to pull them up or down and that too, without moving from the spot you are relaxing in. Also, when you have babies or pets at home, these window blinds are inexorably a safer choice because they will maneuver only when you direct them to do so, therefore, eradicating the chances of children tangling in or messing up the slides. Still looking for reasons to procure motorized blinds? Worry not because we will oblige you with a few more. The blinds can be controlled by the applications in your smartphone; you can literally open and close them by tapping on a button from on your home screen.

Now that you have become familiar with the different kinds of blinds Canada, scrutinize the decor of your room and the amount of space available so that you settle for a superlative variety.

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