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California Shutters Vs Zebra Blinds

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

With so many window coverings or treatments, such as curtains, shutters, blinds available in the market, people always get confused about which one is a better choice. Now, these treatments are further divided into different categories. California shutters and zebra blinds are on the top in both types when considering shutters and blinds. But again, the question arises that what should I prefer for my home?

So, today we will discuss the California Shutter Vs. Zebra Blinds and the benefits of both California Shutter and Zebra Blind to assist you in choosing the best.

California Shutters Vs Zebra Blinds

What is the difference between shutters and blinds?

The primary distinction between the two window treatments is how shutters and blinds are installed on the window. When it comes to blinds, window recess is attached to the inside or top of the window, whereas shutters are connected to the window frame itself.

California Shutters

California Shutters are being known as plantation or interior shutters, consisting of large louvres (slats) to let in the air while blocking out sunlight. You can adjust the quantity of light, visibility and air that enters your space by manually opening and closing the louvres.

california shutters

Unlike Zebra blinds, which have narrow, set louvres, California shutters provide a wider range of options. Full-height, café-style, or double-hung wide-slat shutters are all available with the modern wide-slat shutters.

Benefits of California Shutters

By installing California Shutters, you will get more control over how much light enters the room.

  • As these blinds have wide louvre, you can get a high level of privacy during day or night.

  • California Shutters are the best choice to give your home or offices a sophisticated, open look.

  • The cost of California Shutters, Toronto, is much more affordable than other blinds or shutters.

  • These shutters are highly customizable. You can request to customize them according to your needs and preferences.

  • Unlike window curtains, the shutters are much durable and need low maintenance.

Zebra Blinds

With the perfect combination of style and utility, zebra blinds are a popular choice for modern homes in Canada. Zebra blinds are manufactured with sheer sunscreen and solid wave fabric that provide these blinds with a light controlling feature and the timeless elegance of a fabric roller shade. Zebra blinds are also known as layered, dual, combi, or banded blinds.

Zebra Blinds canada

One of the reasons zebra blinds are so popular is because they're so easy to use. Clean lines and various shapes make them ideal for any window, no matter the size. They're also simple to maintain and available in a variety of materials. Zebra blinds are also one of Canada's most popular home remodeling products.

Benefits of Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds are incredibly versatile and may be used in any interior decor in the home or office.

  • You can Pull down or open the blinds to control the amount of light you prefer to get in your room.

  • Zebra blinds are available in various fabrics, designs and colour options.

  • When closed, multilayer zebra blinds can block out up to 99% of UV radiation, protecting your interiors from the damaging effects of direct sunshine.

  • The sheer layers make these blinds best to get privacy from outsiders.

  • The cordless motorized feature of zebra blinds makes them safe for children and pets.

California Shutters Vs. Zebra Blinds - Which one is best?

Both California Shutter and Zebra blind have different features that make them unique. The answer to which one is best is highly dependent on your choice and preferences. If you need high privacy and UV protection, then zebra blinds are the best choice, and if you want to get privacy with let air come into your space, then California Shutter is the best choice.

Still confused about whether to go with California shutters or zebra blinds, don't worry. Book a free quotation with us; the experts at AVA Window Fashions will assist you in choosing the best according to your home or office interior decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is California Shutter?

California Shutters, also known as plantation or interior shutters, are made up of broad louvres (slats) that allow for air passage while obstructing the path of sunlight.

What is Zebra Blind?

Are California shutters good?

Are Zebra blinds any good?

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