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Motorized Blinds Canada

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Motorized Blinds Canada

With the advancements in technologies, homes are becoming smarter than ever. The latest automation systems are adding more convenience and flexibility to our life. One of the most amazing additions to modern homes is smart blinds or motorized blinds. Motorized blinds or Smart blinds have become the preferable choice of new-age homeowners, especially in Canada. They can block unwanted light from outdoors while maintaining your privacy with just a touch of a button. These blinds can be operated through various devices, including a remote, your phone, or a stick. The best part of motorized blinds is that they are custom-made, and you can customize them per your needs and requirements.

The window motorized blinds and smart blinds in Toronto, Canada, are the best time saver for busy homeowners, especially when you have so many skylights, big picture windows, and hard-to-touch windows. There is no need to mess with the cords and focus on maintaining the right angles to make them work perfectly. The motorized blinds are just the perfect choice for everyone.


Better sleep and Privacy and control

The motorized windows lead to better sleep quality. It is just because these drapes create a darker room inside while increasing the circadian rhythm and melatonin levels. You can easily open the window coverings when you wake up to allow natural light inside. You will be happy to hear that Automatic motorized blinds have high-quality covering materials that ensure complete privacy for the people living inside. Also, many advanced blinds can even be controlled by mobile apps.

Kids and pets safety

Corded system windows have a higher risk of safety at home. These windows offer a safer choice when you have babies and pets at home. Motorized window blinds are a cordless system, making them one of the safest window treatment options for parents and pet owners. By installing motorized blinds, you can avoid dangling cords in the room that are otherwise harmful to small animals and kids. They ensure more relief while promising smooth movements. 


Improve the value of the home

Once you install motorized blinds at home, it becomes easier to enhance the overall value of your property. Whether you plan to sell it or want to improve the functionality. Also, Motorized blinds Canada maintains filtered and soft light inside so that your expensive interior doesn't get faded. Without any doubt, motorized blinds create a comfortable and relaxing shade inside. A single touch on the button can help you set the ambiance per your needs. You can also ensure the ultimate home theatre experience with Motorized Blinds Canada.

Enhances your smart home system

Motorized blinds can function independently and seamlessly with other smart home systems. It will enhance your smart home with integration with Your Existing Smart Home Systems. With this, window blinds work alongside automated lights, thermostat controls, and more. For example, you can set your motorized blinds to close, outside security lights, and the thermostat lower to a cooler temperature at night. You can use the preset button, and your blinds will open or close just as you want them to at predetermined times.

Energy saver

With light control and insulation, motorized window blinds boost your home's energy efficiency. It prevents unwanted lights and gives you control over how much light you want in your room. You can also open the blinds completely to let in natural light. You can also set your blinds to open and close during specific times during the day to maximize lighting efficiency. These factors help you in energy-saving and lower your monthly utility costs. 

Protects your home

Harmful UV rays and sunlight are one of the main reasons for the discoloration and fading of furniture. Motorized blinds are good at protecting the furniture by controlling the light coming into the room with an automated programming feature. Motorized blinds automatically control the blinds throughout the day. This will make it seem like someone is at home. Motorized window blinds deter potential thieves more than any other window covering, especially with an automated smart home lighting system.

Compatible with window treatments

Now you don't have to worry about whether the motorized system will work with your Venetian blinds, Roller Shades, or anything else. It will work effectively with many window treatments. 


Generally, you can install three types of motorized blinds in your home. 

Battery Wand

Battery wands are one of the most popular choices in motorized blinds. In this type of blind, you can power the blinds with an attached battery tube hidden behind the shade, along the wall, or built into the shade itself.

Hard Wired

Hard wired blinds have a power adapter that plugs into a wall outlet. The main advantage of this blind is that you don't need to change batteries.

Solar Powered

As we know that the future is solar. This motorized blind can save your energy and lower your bill. A solar power kit includes a rechargeable battery designed to charge daily through a solar panel. The shade will draw power from the sun's energy all day. One of the main advantages of this solar power is that it comes with a renewable energy source. You don't need to change the batteries. 

How to buy Motorized Blinds

Customize Your Design

No compromise on quality

Classic blind controls light

Fully natural colors used

Best choice blinds & curtains

Open close easily by wand tilt


How We Are Different

AVA Window Fashions is not just another name in the industry; the company has established itself as one of the most respectable ones in the field maintaining an excellent quality of products and high efficiency of work and customer service. Our California shutters can bring a dramatic impact on any commercial or residential property.

As a reputable company in North York, Ontario, our mission is to manufacture, deliver, and install California shutters for clients across different locations in Canada. We sell a large selection of high-quality shutters for both commercial and residential properties. We keep the requirement, interest, and preference of our esteemed clients in mind and provide custom-designed window shutters.

Who are we?

We are a family business in the city of North York, Ontario, and we have been running our business successfully from the year 2019. We manufacture, deliver, and install PVC interior shutters for retailers and individual property owners across Canada.

We are mostly known for our unmatched capability to deliver high-quality California window shutters in bulk quantity. We have a history of continually providing quality products and interior window solutions to thousands of customers across different Canadian cities. We believe in offering insight-driven solutions and that always helps us to maximize our work efficiency and results.

Since our inception in the industry of PVC shutters, we have aimed to deliver complete window shutter solutions to the people of Canada. We have installed state-of-art machinery at our manufacturing facility in North York, Ontario, and our experienced and talented workforce comes with the ability to meet the ever-changing requirement of the property owners in Canada. Our mandate is to provide products, tools, and experts to complete different types of window projects.

We Are Close to Our Customers

AVA Window Fashions believes in an insight-based approach when it comes to serving the customers. We have the strength, resources, and capacity to establish strategic partnerships with our target as well as existing audience across Canada.

We develop a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, interests, and preferences of the property owners across the country so that we can make ourselves capable of fulfilling the ever-changing needs of our target market. We work with proprietary technology, and our proactive talent ensures the quality and standard of our products and services.

We allow our customers to shop with total confidence. We are one of the most reputable manufacturers of California shutters in Ontario and Canada as well, and we only sell products we manufacture. Customers can buy California Shutters from authorized dealers or retailers. You call us today to find out the closest authorized dealer.

Tailored and Flexible Window Sutter Solutions

As a renowned company in Ontario, AVA Window Fashions does not believe in manufacturing and delivering a limited range of products. We instead believe in meeting the ever-changing needs of our target market. We are aware of the continually changing modes of property owners in Canada, and we know what it takes to meet their requirements.

We believe in close collaboration with our existing clients and target market so that we can deliver tailored, customized, and flexible solutions for interior shutters. The products and services we manufacture and provide are also scalable and continuously developing to meet the demand of the ever-changing market.

We Provide Complete Solutions

It does not matter whether it is a commercial or residential project; we can provide you with complete California shutter solutions in Canada. We can deliver the product within 24 hours, and our tradesmen can reach you within the assured time.

We do not only manufacture window shutter products but also provide installation services across Canada. Our experienced tradesmen will visit your place to execute the process of installation. Our tradesmen are the fitting experts, and they can give your windows a look you desire.

We also offer free installation guides and consultation for the various needs of customers. Our executives can educate you about our products and services. We manufacture and install custom California shutters according to the interest and preferences of our customers.
We deliver complete solutions to the customers who come with their preferences. Whether it is classic, aesthetic, traditional, or contemporary, we can give you the exact product you need to give your windows a fantastic look.

All-In Accountability

We are a reputable company in the state of Ontario and are known for our quality products and efficient services. We are here to serve the homeowners with our products and solutions for interior shutters. We will not act as a bystander when it comes to providing after-sale service to our esteemed clients.

If you find anything wrong with your window shutters, we will be there to fix it. 
With us, you can rest assured, and the responsibility lies with us to address all your concerns related to our PVC shutters.            


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