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Ready-Made Vs Custom Blinds: Which Is Better For You?

Ready-Made Vs Custom Blinds: Which Is Better For You?

Every house and room has different needs. Even choosing the right window treatment for our house is really a big decision as we have to consider many things such as home decor, the condition of the room, the purpose of installation, etc.

Once you’ve decided to install new covers on your windows, the next step is to select among the various types of window treatments available, such as shades, blinds, shutters, and drapes. Then you need to choose whether your Window Needs Custom Blinds or shades or Ready-made.

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This blog will explain some pros of custom-made and ready-made blinds and shades to help you choose according to your need and preferences.

Introduction – Ready-Made or Custom Blinds

Ready-made blinds are manufactured keeping in mind the standard window measurements. All you need to do is purchase them and install them on your window. Custom-made blinds are manufactured as per your needs and preferences and according to your window size, color, and structure.

Advantages of Ready-Made Window Blinds

Ready-made window blinds are the best when you want to install the blinds shortly. Here are some advantages of ready-made blinds mentioned below:-

  • Any window or door can be covered with ready-made blinds. The ready-made window blinds are manufactured in a standard size to instantly cover the doors and windows.

  • Ready-made or pre-made blinds are less expensive. Because these blinds or shades are manufactured in large quantities, the cost of production is less; hence, the price of ready-made blinds is also less.

  • Ready-made blinds are a great choice if you have a limited budget.

  • You can go to the store and pick them up if you have an urgent need. There is no waiting time, which many people in Canada appreciate.

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Advantages of Custom Blinds

Even though Ready Made blinds are affordable, custom blinds still have more advantages than ready-made blinds.

  • Customized blinds are manufactured according to the exact dimensions of your windows. This ensures that the blinds will fit your windows perfectly.

  • You can give the right fit to your windows with Customized blinds to ensure that your window treatments will be easy to operate.

  • Custom-made blinds and shades are ideal for large or unusually shaped windows.

  • With custom-made blinds, you can find the ideal covering for any size and shape of the window.

  • You will get complete professional assistance and after-sales service with custom-made blinds.

  • You can choose the fabric type and style while purchasing custom-made blinds. You have complete control over the color, print, and style of your window blind.

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Both customized and ready-made blinds and shades have their advantages and disadvantages. Which one to choose depends upon the urgency of your need and on your budget.

Customized blinds are much costlier than ready-made blinds and also take time time to deliver. Ready-made blinds, on the other hand, work just as well if you’re on a limited budget and need window treatments for a temporary location, such as a rented apartment or a room where you don’t want to spend too much and aren’t concerned about fit and appearance.

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