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Best Quality Window Coverings in Aurora

Many residents consider the Aurora community in Ontario one of the best places to live. Aurora is located in York Region and is part of the Greater Toronto Area. The city serves as a place of living for workers in the nearby city of Toronto, about 40 minutes away.

The Northern Lights are another spectacular feature of the area. The Torrance Barrens Night Sky Reserve, about a two-hour drive north of Aurora, is one such location. Aurora is an excellent place to live because of all of these factors.

AVA Window Fashions offers the best window blinds in Aurora for every interior requirement. Our commitment to quality materials and beautiful finishes makes your windows pop out with design and features. So, get dimout, blackout, privacy and insulation features with our range of beautifully customized window blinds in Aurora.

Free Window Measuring and Blinds Installation in Aurora

So, did your last attempt installing new window blinds end up with place screws or not properly closing blinds? It is usually because untrained people generally miss a few centimetres in measurements and mess up the fittings. However, AVA Window Fashions now offers a perfect relief for that. So, our free window measuring service is available for all window coverings in Aurora. Also, we offer free blind installation, so say goodbye to wrongly fitted window covering in Aurora and get free professional window blind fittings for the home or the office.

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Window Blinds at Affordable Prices

We offer precise, perfect-fit window blinds in Aurora for every requirement. Our blinds are available at affordable market competitive prices. Whether you choose California Shutters, Zebra Blinds, Roller Blinds or Motorized Blinds, you will always get the best price guarantee. Also, top-quality materials are always ensured with affordable window blinds in Toronto. Free window blind installation in Aurora and Toronto makes our blinds the highest value for money. So, get high-quality window blinds in Aurora made from premium materials at affordable prices made specifically for your windows.

We Carry Different Products

At AVA Window Fashions, we have a huge range of window coverings, including California Shutters, Zebra Blinds, Roller Blinds, Motorized Blinds, Blackout Blinds, Blackout Curtains, Condo Blinds, Office Blinds, Commercial Blinds and Vertical blinds. All of our window blinds and shutters are custom-made to fit correctly to the windows and suit your lifestyle and requirements.

  • California Shutters

    Our range of Californian shutters in Canada is a good choice if you want to upgrade your windows with beautiful and practical alternatives. We are leading manufacturers of California shutters in Canada, offering high-quality window coverings.

  • Zebra Blinds

    Our Zebra blinds are high-quality light-filtering window blinds in Canada constructed of a single continuous loop of dark and sheer fabric. Our blinds are completely flexible, which makes them so popular and practical among Canadians.

  • Roller Blinds

    Our range of roller blinds is a cost-effective and practical window covering solution to enhance your space. Available in blackout, light filter and sunscreen fabric options, offering ultimate light control for your home.

  • Motorized Blinds

    Make your windows more energy efficient with our motorized blinds in Canada. Our custom-made motorized blinds offer remote and smart device functionality. They come with temperature controls along with daylight sensors offering energy-efficient use to all interiors.

  • Blackout Blinds

    Our blackout blinds in Canada are great at offering privacy. They are ideal for those looking for complete privacy and d arkness in their theatre room or bedrooms.

  • Blackout Curtains

    Our extensive range of premium-quality blackout curtains in Canada is popular window coverings for all types of windows and homes. Our blackout curtains are 100% custom-made in Canada.

  • Condo Blinds

    Our custom condo blinds are unique window solutions that precisely suit your style and requirements. You can choose from a huge range of quality condo blinds in Canada.

  • Office Blinds

    Understanding the unique requirements of businesses and industries, we offer various options for office window solutions. We also provide motorization options for our range of office blinds.

  • Commercial Blinds

    With our commercial blinds in Canada, you can increase productivity, create a better atmosphere, reduce on-screen glare and impress your clients. We also offer Custom Printed Blinds for Stores.

  • Allusion blinds

    Our allusion blinds in Canada are a unique window solution for modern homes offering the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Different Options to Choose From

A window covering must be a combination of style and feature set. AVA Window Fashions now offers a wide range of materials with fancy customization options, including textures, styles and finishes. So, from various options to choose from, our extensive range of custom window blinds in Aurora offers everything for all interiors.

We do FREE In-Home Consultation

Need help with considering the best window covering in Canada? Don't worry; when choosing the style of your blinds, our consultants will help you decide which option best suits your home, needs and lifestyle.

You Can Get a FREE Quote

Just like our free in-home consultation, we also offer a free quote. Our specialists will review all the details provided by you and then provide quick and accurate custom quotes to our clients. If you wish to proceed with the quote, one of our customer-focused consultants will contact you to confirm the deal and take the final measurements.

Get a FREE Quote

Frequently asked questions

Roller blinds are suitable for many spaces around the home (or office). Their ease of installation, use and care, durability, and capability to control light and temperature make them great all-rounders!
With blackout blinds, you can’t see out, and no one can see in; the fabric is not see-through.
Curtains should hang as low as possible to make the window appear taller. For best results, hang the rod as high as possible and make sure curtains are at least 1 inch off the ground. This method tricks the eye, making the ceiling seem higher and, as a result, the entire room look bigger.
Yes, we provide water and moisture-resistant California shutters. You can install them in every room of your house, including your bathroom and laundry.

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