What Will You See in Your Windows in 2023?

At Ava Shutters, our clients often ask our in-house experts which window coverings are emerging trends. Even as they look for the best bargains, in-vogue interior fashions strongly influence homeowners’ choices in house furnishings.

We believe that only a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, interests, and preferences can help us fulfil their needs. Our team keeps abreast of the trends and delivers tailored, customized, and flexible solutions.

This article explores the strong front-runners for Window Fashions for next year and our take on them. If you are looking at home furnishings for your new home or renovating your existing home interiors, these are our picks.

Remember that design trends are highly subject to individual tastes; however, our list recommends the best combination of style and function that will be the pride of your home for years to come.

Zebra Blinds

With a stunning look of alternating opaque and sheer bands, Zebra blinds are light-filtering window blinds constructed of a single continuous loop of dark and thin fabric. Also known as dual, alternative, transitional, alternating blinds, prestige, and cascade shades, this innovative window covering continues to be a firm favourite with homeowners and designers.

Design and Operation

Zebra blinds are so named because of the horizontal alternating stripes of shades which lend a sophisticated and decorative look to any window. The alternating strips can be superimposed or aligned easily, allowing this window covering to seamlessly go from an open to a closed position. The dual stripes allow optimal and precise light filtering control and are very popular as blackout blinds.

The Advantages

Offering efficiency in a contemporary style, these easy-to-operate blinds provide light filtering, glare reduction, and UV protection. In addition, Zebra blinds are comparatively more energy efficient than other window coverings due to the double layering of the fabric.

California Shutters

A classic, timeless style, California shutters have been a staple of colonial-type homes in Africa, Australia and North America. A version of Plantation shutters, their popularity in Californian dwellings gave birth to the name California shutters.

Operating the Shutters

This type of window covering has large louvres or slats, traditionally made of wood; though, solid cellular PVC or a combination of the two materials is increasingly used. At AVA, we use PVC to ensure the high quality of our products, staying away from yellowing vinyl or cracked wooden slats. By opening and closing the louvres, you can adjust the slats for light and air.

The Benefits

California shutters combine eco-friendly and energy-efficient window treatment for homeowners on a budget. Since they’re installed right up against the window frame, they prevent indoor air from escaping outside and outside air from entering. Additional hardware such as valances or curtain rods is superfluous, thus saving you money.

And did we mention they work exceptionally well in Canadian weather, keeping out the cold?

Roman Shades

Roman shades are elegant fabric window coverings that fall straight down when drawn closed. There are two basic styles in Roman shades – stackable and rolling. When raised, stackable roman shades form soft pleats that stack up neatly. In the rolling version, the fabric can be rolled neatly out of sight at the top of the window.

They are operated manually using a series of tailored vertical cords. Or you can opt for a motorized version too. Roman shades can be mounted inside or outside the window frame.

In all cases, these window coverings offer your windows a sleek, uncluttered look.

Why Are These Options Trending?

As in all enduring styles and trends, form follows function in window coverings too. Zebra Blinds, California Shutters and Roman Shades are timeless, classic interior design styles that combine looks with purpose.

As more Canadians work from home (at least part-time), they have learnt to adapt nooks and corners of their homes into office spaces. Unlike professional workspaces, there are irritants such as screen glares, extreme changes in temperature, and lack of privacy or sound insulation. And, if rightly chosen, Window covering can be the right solution to these inconveniences.

Blinds, Shutters and Shades are far superior to curtains when it comes to keeping the sun out while providing privacy, ventilation and light. They insulate your home in the harsh Canadian winters and keep the heat out during summer.

Available in a staggering variety of colours, materials, sizes, etc., these window treatments are versatile enough to suit any apertures. They are easily cleaned and, with a bit of care, last a very long time.


Versatile, long-lasting and value-for-money, these fantastic window coverings can be the latest work of art peeking out of your windows. They brighten up your home and reduce your energy bills. And Best of All – they are leaps and bounds beyond curtains and drapes and look stylish, too.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Visit us, and you can choose how your windows will look like in 2023.

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