Impressive California Shutters Design Ideas

When so many wonderful options for decorative window treatments are available, it can be difficult to choose between blinds and shutters or drapes and curtains. Despite these alternatives, homeowners across the country prefer California shutters as a seamless way to tie their interior design and window décor.

The functionality and versatility of California shutters make them an excellent choice for any living space. They have a universal appeal that will complement the interior design of any home, whether you prefer a modern or traditional aesthetic. This blog will guide you with the five best California shutters design ideas.

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Go with traditional charm

Based on their historical use, California shutters are perfect for creating a space with the down-home appeal, especially if you go with classic white. This window treatment captures the traditional southern charm that has become so popular in recent years when paired with rustic pieces of furniture. California shutters have also been used in retro fashions, such as the farmhouse, industrial chic, and shabby chic movements.

Use a pop of bold and vivid colours

When it comes to colour, if you want a clean look, go with darker hues such as black, blue, or white. They have a monochromatic colour and are less expensive as well. If you prefer a more modern look, go for lighter shades like grey or gold. You can also use a pop of bold and vivid colours to give contrast between neutral-toned California Shutters. The additional advantage of California Shutters, they come in various colour designs at affordable prices.

Opt for Combi design

California Shutters can be the right window treatment if you want a perfect window covering solution that gives you flexibility for privacy and light control for arched windows. They come with Combi specialty shape arches especially made for arched windows, featuring easy-to-operate louvres and panels that offer light and visibility control. Combi is an excellent combination of wood and vinyl that enhance your home's interior.

Choose Rustic Design

Rustic design works well with California shutters, which also complement your living space. When considering California Shutters, you can go with natural wood design if you want to enhance your home look with rustic décor. Rustic décor includes natural elements such as wood and stone that blend with other home accessories and furnishings and offer a warm and rich feel.

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Industrial Design

Industrial-style designs are influenced by architectural elements found in warehouses and urban lofts. Usually, industrial design features exposed brick, wood, or ductwork to give a sense of unfinished rawness. High ceilings, newly renovated lofts, and sparse, functional furniture are additional characteristics of this design.

Wooden California shutters would go well with the industrial-style design and complement other wood, brick, and metals. They can be used in different rooms to add a cohesive appearance to the home.

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