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Everything You Need To Know About California Shutter

For many reasons, Californian shutters are a good choice if you want to upgrade your windows with attractive and practical alternatives. The first reason is the classic look, which many people dream of for their homes. Or you may be attracted by the other advantages these shutters offer compared to other window treatments. Here is what you need to know to help you learn more about these unique shutters.

 About California Shutter

What is California Shutter

California shutters are a type of plantation shutter that is more common in Canada. They are small slatted wooden blinds that fit inside a wooden frame installed in your window. The slats are also known as louvres.

The louvre size is the most noticeable distinction between plantation shutters and California shutters. The louvre size is smaller on California shutters. This implies that there are more slats per frame. When you need to keep your home cool, this provides more privacy and a better ability to block out the sun.

History of California shutters

Shutters arrived in America during the European colonization of the continent. This window covering arrived in California in the mid-nineteenth century. Because the residents believed shutters were invented locally, this window treatment was named "California shutters." What began in ancient Greece has now become a popular window treatment worldwide for its aesthetics and functionality. California shutters have grown in popularity over the years due to the following advantages.

Complement your decor

You can select various California shutters designs to complement your decor. You can choose between wide slats that allow airflow but block sunlight and narrower slats that provide more privacy. Traditional shutters have narrow, fixed slats, whereas modern shutters have wider slats. You can get full-height, café-style, or double-hung windows. Whatever style you choose, California shutters look and function very differently than traditional blinds, and they will add a touch of simple elegance to any room in your home or office.

Energy efficient

The California shutters provide adequate insulation to your home by efficiently blocking excess sunlight. When there is direct and harsh sunlight, mechanical and automated California shutters help to keep the home insulation in check automatically. During the winter, these shutters add an extra layer of insulation. Because the shutters keep the home well-insulated, your electricity bills will be reduced, and a significant amount of energy will be saved. This is especially apparent during the harsh Canadian winters!

Privacy matters

California shutter slats are simple to adjust and can be controlled according to your needs. They have easily closed for complete privacy. The slats can be angled in various ways, allowing you to enjoy the outside view and sunlight while maintaining your privacy.

Durable and requires low maintenance

Most California shutters have a warranty and will last a long time. They don't need to be replaced frequently, resulting in a good return on investment. Furthermore, their perfect-fit, classic design will remain fashionable for years to come because they are custom-made by nature.

If you want to install high-quality California shutters that enhance the interior look of your home, consider Ava Window Fashions. They are leading manufacturers of California shutters in Canada, offering one-stop window covering solutions.

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