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4 Window Blinds That Help Block Dangerous UV Rays

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

We all are concerned about our skin being affected by UV Rays coming from extreme sunlight. To prevent our skin from the harmful UV Rays, we take many precautions, from applying Sunscreen to Ice.

Similarly, these UV Rays are harmful to our home interior. We buy expensive things to enhance our home decor, and it is essential to protect them from UV Rays for their long life and prevent them from fading.

To give you and your home decor the necessary protection from the sun and heat, we have contacted several home decor experts and come up with a solution that window treatments are also one of the effective ways to prevent your home from harmful UV Rays. Here we have listed some of the best window treatments that help block the dangerous UV rays.

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades such as Blackout Roller Shades and Blackout Zebra blinds are the best solutions to block UV Radiation. These light-blocking shades are ideal for bedrooms, cinema rooms, and other spaces where complete light control is desired. Blackout shades are customized with different blinds and shades such as Zebra blinds or honeycomb shades and roller shades to add on the feature of UV Protect and Complete Privacy.

Light Filtering Shades

A window shade's effectiveness in preventing dangerous rays is measured by its UV blocking capability. The UV blocking ability is measured by the openness of the fabric of the shade or blind you are planning to install. The lower a window shade's ultraviolet transmission, the more effective it is at blocking UV rays.

Sheer Shades

Sheer window shadings are the combination of both a blind and a shade. Vanes are cloth pieces surrounded on one or both sides by a sheer. This fabric can be tilted open and closed like blind slats. Sheer shades work as UV Ray's protectors spreading natural light into the room and maintaining the perspective.

Sheer Shades are distinguished by S-shaped fabric vanes that gracefully hover between two vertical panels. Even when the vanes are open, light filters into the room while offering privacy during the day. Sheer Shades can block up to 88 percent of the sun's damaging rays, depending on your clothes.

Outdoor Roller Shades

Roller shades are modern window treatments that are incredibly adaptable. They can be manufactured using various fabrics, from light-filtering to room-darkening to blackout to sheer. These roller shades are also available in an outdoor version, which weaves magic indoors and keeps the interiors sufficiently protected from UV Rays. They help block the sunlight while providing much-needed protection from harmful UV rays.


Overexposure to Ultraviolet radiation can lead to serious health issues, including cancer, and it can also adversely affect your floor, furniture, and other home decor equipment. So, it is essential to protect yourself and your home from these harmful UV rays. We have listed some window blinds to help you and your home protect from these harmful UV Rays. AVA Window Fashion manufactures customized blinds where you can select the fabric, color, and design of your choice. We will suggest you the best according to your choice and preferences.

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