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Honeycomb / Cellular Blinds

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Honeycomb / Cellular Blinds  perfect for the insulation

Honeycomb blinds (also known as cellular blinds) are a unique window treatment that brings elegance to houses or office interiors with better insulation and efficient energy.


Insulation and energy efficiency are critical in Canada, where temperatures can range from minus 35 to 35 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Made from a single fabric by creating multiple layers, these window blinds become great insulation providers and energy-efficient. Honeycomb blinds get their name and protective power from their honeycomb shape, which traps air between the window and the room, buffering against heat dissipation in the winter and warmth gain in the summer.


While saving your money, these blinds can be used as perfect home decor as they can fit almost any type of window, including skylights and unusually shaped windows. At AVA Window Fashions, we manufacture a variety of customized honeycomb window shades with good lift choices, including cordless, top-down-base-up, and mechanized remote control. You can choose according to your preferences and needs.


Improved Privacy

In terms of window treatments that, apart from better insulation, also provide greater privacy, the honeycomb or cellular blind is the right choice for you. These shades are better equipped to block out unwanted light more efficiently than other blinds, and their multiple layers work effectively to block out light and make it difficult to see through these shades from the outside. 


Because of the multiple layers, the opacity of honeycomb window blinds is high, which prevents outsiders from looking at what's happening inside the room. So, honeycomb window shutters are best for privacy, along with interior decor.

Benefits of Choosing Honeycomb Blinds & Cellular Shades

These blinds are the best source of insulation as they can prevent cold in the winter and heat in the summer. Improved insulation features make these blinds unique and popular, especially in Toronto, Canada. They also help you enhance your home's insulation and promote energy efficiency. They are highly economically friendly windows. Honeycomb shades have an intelligent cellular design that is great at helping control the temperature in your home.


Profile is Slim

These shades are made up of single material that makes them slim. Thus they give a sleek look to the windows of your house or office. Honeycomb window shutters with a slim profile provide a classy look for interior decoration.

Noise cancellation

One of the best advantages of honeycomb blinds is that it works effectively in noise cancellation. The design of the cellular blinds gives the noise cancellation feature as it can filter the unwanted sounds from outside the room. The cellular construction of honeycomb shades helps block out some outside noise.

These honeycomb-shaped blackout honeycomb blinds and shades in Toronto will help you create a peaceful atmosphere around you. While studying or in meetings, this will help you with its noise-canceling advantage. This will give you a quiet and calm environment at your home. 

Best for anywhere

Honeycomb blinds give your home an attractive decor and look sophisticated anywhere like bedroom, bathroom, living rooms, and dining rooms. Honeycomb shades keep the space warm and private, with a soft, homey feel. It works effectively in living rooms, protecting your furniture from fading. These blinds are great protectors from direct sunlight and harmful UV rays. You can pick how much light you want to come in a while preserving your view outside. 

Honeycomb blinds also work effectively in bathrooms. Because bathrooms are humid and require treatments that can withstand moisture, these blinds are great at moisture resistance. 

Thin and stack 

Generally, the other products that have sound reduction and extra insulation are bulky and heavy. But honeycomb blinds offer both advantages without being bulky and heavy, and they are thin and stack compactly when raised. 

Regarding child safety, the honeycomb blinds offer cordless operating options, and it has no lifting cords that get tangled, providing your kid and pet ultimate safety. They also come in vertical options, which easily slide across patio doors.


Generally, honeycomb blinds are of four different materials

Blockout:  It is made with opaque material that blocks most of the unwanted light out with only minimal gaps at the side.

Translucent: This material filters light, but as you cannot see through it, it offers privacy day and night.

Sheer:  A see-through fabric that maintains some privacy, like seeing the outside world in soft focus.

Day/night:  A combination of two of the three fabrics types.

How to buy Honeycomb / Cellular Blinds

Customize Your Design

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Classic blind controls light

Fully natural colors used

Best choice blinds & curtains

Open close easily by wand tilt


How We Are Different

AVA Window Fashions is not just another name in the industry; the company has established itself as one of the most respectable ones in the field maintaining an excellent quality of products and high efficiency of work and customer service. Our California shutters can bring a dramatic impact on any commercial or residential property.

As a reputable company in North York, Ontario, our mission is to manufacture, deliver, and install California shutters for clients across different locations in Canada. We sell a large selection of high-quality shutters for both commercial and residential properties. We keep the requirement, interest, and preference of our esteemed clients in mind and provide custom-designed window shutters.

Who are we?

We are a family business in the city of North York, Ontario, and we have been running our business successfully from the year 2019. We manufacture, deliver, and install PVC interior shutters for retailers and individual property owners across Canada.

We are mostly known for our unmatched capability to deliver high-quality California window shutters in bulk quantity. We have a history of continually providing quality products and interior window solutions to thousands of customers across different Canadian cities. We believe in offering insight-driven solutions and that always helps us to maximize our work efficiency and results.

Since our inception in the industry of PVC shutters, we have aimed to deliver complete window shutter solutions to the people of Canada. We have installed state-of-art machinery at our manufacturing facility in North York, Ontario, and our experienced and talented workforce comes with the ability to meet the ever-changing requirement of the property owners in Canada. Our mandate is to provide products, tools, and experts to complete different types of window projects.

We Are Close to Our Customers

AVA Window Fashions believes in an insight-based approach when it comes to serving the customers. We have the strength, resources, and capacity to establish strategic partnerships with our target as well as existing audience across Canada.

We develop a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, interests, and preferences of the property owners across the country so that we can make ourselves capable of fulfilling the ever-changing needs of our target market. We work with proprietary technology, and our proactive talent ensures the quality and standard of our products and services.

We allow our customers to shop with total confidence. We are one of the most reputable manufacturers of California shutters in Ontario and Canada as well, and we only sell products we manufacture. Customers can buy California Shutters from authorized dealers or retailers. You call us today to find out the closest authorized dealer.

Tailored and Flexible Window Sutter Solutions

As a renowned company in Ontario, AVA Window Fashions does not believe in manufacturing and delivering a limited range of products. We instead believe in meeting the ever-changing needs of our target market. We are aware of the continually changing modes of property owners in Canada, and we know what it takes to meet their requirements.

We believe in close collaboration with our existing clients and target market so that we can deliver tailored, customized, and flexible solutions for interior shutters. The products and services we manufacture and provide are also scalable and continuously developing to meet the demand of the ever-changing market.

We Provide Complete Solutions

It does not matter whether it is a commercial or residential project; we can provide you with complete California shutter solutions in Canada. We can deliver the product within 24 hours, and our tradesmen can reach you within the assured time.

We do not only manufacture window shutter products but also provide installation services across Canada. Our experienced tradesmen will visit your place to execute the process of installation. Our tradesmen are the fitting experts, and they can give your windows a look you desire.

We also offer free installation guides and consultation for the various needs of customers. Our executives can educate you about our products and services. We manufacture and install custom California shutters according to the interest and preferences of our customers.
We deliver complete solutions to the customers who come with their preferences. Whether it is classic, aesthetic, traditional, or contemporary, we can give you the exact product you need to give your windows a fantastic look.

All-In Accountability

We are a reputable company in the state of Ontario and are known for our quality products and efficient services. We are here to serve the homeowners with our products and solutions for interior shutters. We will not act as a bystander when it comes to providing after-sale service to our esteemed clients.

If you find anything wrong with your window shutters, we will be there to fix it. 
With us, you can rest assured, and the responsibility lies with us to address all your concerns related to our PVC shutters.            


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