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Things to Know About Zebra Blinds – Customizable and Stylish Window Coverings

Zebra Blinds

When it comes to adding new blinds to your home or office, Zebra blinds will be worth considering. They are an excellent choice if you want a multi-functional window covering with a wide range of options and can be customized to fit almost any style. You won’t be disappointed with Zebra Blinds whether you want to redecorate your entire home or just one room.

They are available in various materials, colours, and styles, allowing you to find the perfect shade for your home. To learn more about these window blinds, simply keep scrolling and reading below.

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zebra shades vs sheer shades

Zebra blinds are high-quality light-filtering window blinds constructed of a single continuous loop of dark and sheer fabric. The name ‘zebra’ is derived from their appearance; the fabric is composed of horizontal stripes that alternate between solid and sheer shades.

These shades are completely adjustable, which makes them so popular and valuable. Because of striped fabric, they can be adjusted to line up, partially overlap, or completely obscure the window. This means you control how much light enters the room and how much privacy you want.

Zebra Blinds Design

Design and beauty complement each other. Zebra blinds are highly preferred due to their combination of modern design and stylish ascend. Many homes and interior designers suggest zebra blinds as they boost elegance and the room’s aesthetic appeal.

Because of their compatibility, these blinds can be used with both modern and traditional designs. Due to their soft sheer fabrics, they provide a cleaner texture that complements both contemporary and classic décor.

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Light Filtering

Installing zebra blinds in your home helps control light flow and provide the appropriate amount of darkness when needed. These blinds are available in various opacities, ranging from a total blackout to sheer or semi-sheer. This window treatment is suitable for blocking out UV rays and unwanted natural light as well as providing full brightness in your room.

Choose an opaque model of zebra blinds for bedrooms if you want privacy and complete darkness. But if your major concern is natural light rather than privacy, a sheer model would be best for you. Both models are excellent at insulating your windows.


Unlike some vertical blinds, Zebra shades do not allow unwanted light to enter your room. Because of their fabric, you can customize them with blackout material to make it even more difficult for light to pass through.

The material isn’t the only thing you can customize about these blinds. You can also customize them to align with the size of your window frame, whether for large, floor-length, small or entirely different styles.


Zebra blinds are one of the most versatile window treatments available. From modern to traditional, these modern window treatments can complement any home style and colour scheme. They can be used in any room and with any window and provide the preferred amount of light and privacy.

do zebra blinds keep heat out?

Installing zebra blinds in your home can help you save money on your monthly energy bill. That’s right! Zebra blinds are energy efficient and help to keep the outside temperature from entering your home through your windows.

Simply installing these window treatments could save you up to an average of 30% on your electricity bill. During the summer, they keep the heat out of your space, while in the winter, they keep the cold out. Zebra blinds can provide more insulation than other window treatments due to the double layering of the fabric.

If you want to install high-quality zebra blinds that enhance the interior look of your home, consider Ava Window Fashions. They are leading manufacturers of zebra blinds in Canada, offering one-stop window covering solutions.

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