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Are Zebra Blinds Available In Blackout?

zebra blinds

The simple answer to this question is Yes. Zebra blinds can be manufactured using blackout fabric.

Zebra Blinds are one of the preferable window treatments in Canada. Because of their unique look, light control, and privacy feature, Zebra blinds have become a matter of prestige among the people of Canada.

Blackout Zebra Blinds are the best choice to get the advantages of both natural light and complete darkness. These blinds are manufactured with zebra shades in front and blackout roller shades backward.

You can raise down the sheer fabric that will gently filter the excess light while offering privacy and a better outside view. And when you need complete darkness in your room, you can pull down the blackout fabric.

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Why Should You Prefer Blackout Zebra Blinds?

Blackout Zebra blinds are fashionable and have become the trend in the window treatment industry for several years. The sophisticated fabric that they are made of is what makes them unique. Even though the fabric rests flat against the window like a roller blind, you can still see outside while ensuring desired privacy.

blackout zebra blinds | curtains with zebra blinds
When a Zebra Blind is rolled down, unlike a standard Roller Blind, the mechanism allows horizontal fabric slats to move vertically and control the amount of light entering the room while retaining the view through the sheer fabric layer.

The primary purpose of installing the blinds is to get the desirable privacy and control the light of the room, and when these blinds are fulfilling these desires, then what other reason are you finding to install blackout zebra window blinds?

In Which Room Should We Install Blackout Zebra Blinds?

This wonderful invention of Blackout Zebra Blinds is the perfect choice for the bedroom, where privacy is essential. In addition, blackout blinds can solve a range of issues. These blinds are also excellent UV and heat blockers. So, you can also install them in your living area or in the room where all your furniture items are placed. Also, if you want a truly immersive cinematic experience, installing these blinds in your TV room will definitely be beneficial. Blackout Zebra Blinds will block the sunlight to prevent the illusion breakout while watching the TV.

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blackout zebra blinds

So, Blackout Zebra Blinds are the best choice as they are incredibly versatile and provide an innovative solution to get privacy and light control features. Still confused, don’t worry, you can always book a free in-home consultation from AVA Window Fashions to get expert advice. AVA Window Fashions manufacture customized window treatments, including blinds, shades, and shutters.

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